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Ryan Seacrest Unveils American Top 40's New Logo in Honor of 50 Years

This summer marks 50 years since American Top 40 and Casey Kasem first counted down the hits back in 1970 and as part of our golden anniversary, Ryan Seacrest is unveiling a brand new logo for the show.

The new golden graphic features the grooves of a vinyl record, just like the records Kasem played when the countdown show hit the airwaves in the '70s.

And as Seacrest previously shared, we’re celebrating AT40’s 50th anniversary all year long with Seacrest highlighting iconic artist moments from the show’s archives every weekend with the launch of "AT40 Rewind." Each week, we’ll head into the AT40 Vault to relive historic moments in music and dig up some of our favorite memories from the countdown including the 1998 AT40 debut of Britney Spears to Kasem’s very own first day on the job.

“Over the past five decades, American Top 40 has become a cultural touchpoint for millions of people around the globe,” Julie Talbott, president of Premiere Networks, shared in a statement. “Casey Kasem created the gold standard that we carry on today, and we’re so proud of how Ryan has expanded that legacy.”

Join Seacrest in continuing to celebrate 50 years of American Top 40 this weekend and stay tuned via social @AT40 for more. Be sure to also send us a tweet or leave us a comment on Instagram with your own AT40 memory or No. 1 artist and song!