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Justin S. Grant Charts in Shazam Top 40 in Buffalo, Minnesota & New York

2022 will remain as one of the most prolific years for Justin S. Grant since the artist launched his career in the midst of the pandemic in 2021. One of his latest singles, “Fuego N’ Ice”, has just made it to the Shazam Charts as part of the exclusive Top 40 in Buffalo, Minnesota, and New York!

A highly-deserved recognition by the fans, this achievement marks the culmination of years of passion, dedication and vision by the eclectic and versatile singer-songwriter who debuted his journey with the song “Don’t Go,” a powerful love song setting solid foundation for him in the industry, hitting the sweet spot both musically and lyrically. 

This debut was followed by many more successful singles, including “Run Away,”“@ddicted 2 Mi Phone,” “Amber Eyes,” and “Wild World” among others, with each tackling a specific fusion of genres and styles demonstrating his malleability and performing skills in terms of sonic aesthetics. 

 “Naked Night,” one of his latest drops, explored the sensuality of loving souls through a stellar musical score and a magnificent performance by Grant. 

“Fuego N’ Ice” has seduced hundreds of thousands thanks to its sophisticated cross-genre approach, a mix between the best of Latin-inspired soundscapes and minimal electronic vibes that merge seamlessly throughout 3:07 of pure sonic bliss. The song was released alongside an equally sensual music video which has added to the sensational traction achieved by Justin S. Grant with this special single. 

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