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Charlie Puth Reveals What He Almost Named New Album 'Charlie' (& More!)

Charlie Puth's new album Charlie is his most personal yet. The singer joined Ryan Seacrest on-air on Monday, October 3, ahead of its release and shared everything from what he almost named the album to how he ended up posting that booty pic on Instagram and much, much more.

Puth's album Charlie will be his third studio album and includes previously released singles "Charlie Be Quiet" and "That's Hilarious."

"I handled the production of the entire album," Puth shared with Seacrest. "It was actually a blessing and a curse because I had to have a lot of conversations with myself. I almost called the album 'Conversations With Myself' because that's how I wrote all these songs."

The Grammy winner added a lot of the songs are about moments in his life that he's "never spoken about" and include some "pretty heavy stuff."

But, in true Puth manner, he wanted to handle it all with some humor.

"All of [the tracks] are very aligned with my personality; I don't take myself too seriously," he added. "But that [referring to track "That's Hilarious"] was a rough time. ... But, what am I going to do? Lament about something being over two broken relationships? ... I might as well just laugh about it."

Listen back to the full interview for more from Charlie, including how he ended up doing that naked photo shoot and more. Charlie drops October 7. Get tour info here.