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Kelly Monrow’s Powerful Debut Album ‘Scars of Venus’ Is Now Out

Kelly Monrow dropped her debut album Scars of Venus, a brilliant collection of eleven tracks that reflect the artist’s vibrant personality and her passion. The “king upon her throne”, Kelly Monrow is an expressive artist who embraces her womanhood with pride, and listening to her music, everyone is bound to do the same as well.

“When the pandemic hit and the world shut down, so did I,” Kelly Monrow said. “I was still grieving a divorce and insecure about where I was at in my life. Writing these lyrics became my therapy and using my voice truly brought me into my power and into my womanhood. This album, Scars of Venus, really represents the emancipation of me playing small and falling back into love with myself.”

‘Scars of Venus’ includes “Down Your Spine”, “Jagged Little Heart”, “Mama Said” and other awesome tracks that fuse Southern rock, country, alternative pop, and represents a flawless mix completely written by the artist. 

Monrow started getting her musical juices flowing by teaming up with an old friend and producer Dean Sams of Lonestar to create a three-track EP called Pronoia, including hits like “Wide Open”, “Either Way”, and “Not If You Stay”. Kelly then worked with Nashville producer Sinclair, co-writing and creating her first single “Mama Said”, which she released in October 2021.

Kelly Monrow also drops a music video for “The Woman” which is the most powerfully charged single in the collection. Celebrating the woman-ness of us all, Kelly Monrow owns her femininity and her music video is a reflection of that. Portraying women from diverse backgrounds and cultures, the clip sees them united as one and as individual as possible, all gathered to praise their power and honor their womanhood - and it’s awe-inspiring and deeply emotional.

As a multi-talented artist and an actress, Kelly Monrow has already begun paving her own unique lane in the music industry, and following her exciting journey will certainly be worth your while.